Healing crystals affect people in either of two ways. Some people believe in the tremendous healing power of such crystals, while there are others dismiss it as just a story promoted for selling these crystals to unsuspecting customers. 

Romans and Egyptians were among the first civilisations to use crystals as regular adornments as well as for specific rituals. In fact, the word crystal itself is derived from a Greek word, a fact which bears testimony to the fact that the Greeks also believed in crystal powers. The Chinese (Buddhist) and Indian (Hindu) fascination with crystals is already well documented and continues to this day.

Also, over the last few years, lots of studies have been carried out to validate what we have believed over the years about the powerful physical and mental effects of crystals. Let us take at six of the most popular healing crystals.

Fluorite – This stone is often referred to as the protector gemstone. The reason for this is the stone is popularly believed to keep away all types of negativity from the wearer. It is said to aid in giving peace of mind. It is recommended that the fluorite is cleaned at least once a week.

Lapis Lazuli – When the mind is beset with a barrage of confusing and contrasting thoughts, the lapis lazuli is best suited for bringing in emotional stability to the wearer. Since ancient times, this stone has been believed to be the link between the material world we live in and the spiritual world which we do not understand.

Jade – This crystal gemstone is well known for its beauty. But apart from its aesthetic qualities, it is also accepted as a healing stone. It is used for pain relief and resolve problems of cramps. Jade is said to enhance the wearer’s creativity.

Amethyst – Another crystal which is said to bring both physical and spiritual healing. You can get a much-improved immune system by bringing about a balance of the immune system of our bodies. Additionally, it has a calming effect on the mind as well, helping to clear the cobwebs of conflicting emotions.

Kyanite – If you are looking to get help on your communication with people around you, then the kyanite stone is apt for you. Among the chakras in your body, the one related to your throat is the one that this crystal affects most. When you own this stone, you don’t need to spend time cleaning it, because of its self-cleaning properties.

Turquoise – Another stone which you are more likely to have bought only as an attractive piece of jewellery. But it has the ability to protect you from horrible dreams. You feel much more confident while wearing it, and it also helps ward off evil forces.

Like we said at the start, it is very common for people to brush away the stated healing benefits of crystals and gemstones. But these six listed above have given those real benefits to the wearers.