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    Pumpkin Carving


    Pumpkin Carvings 🎃  One piece, chosen for you 💫 Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Orange Calcite  Size: As picture 

    Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone


    Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨ Size: Approx. 100-130g - Rainbow Moonstone’s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. It's...

    Aventurine Christmas Tree


    1 x Green Aventurine Christmas Tree Intuitively chosen for you 💫 Size: Approx. 9cm long - Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Promotes compassion and...

    Singing Bowl Gift Set


    Introducing our beautiful Singing Bowl Gift Set ⭐️ Whats included? 1 x Blue Signing Bowl, 10.5cm diameter 1 x Wooden Mallet, 11cm long 1 x Donut Cushion, 7.5cm diameter  1...

    Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid


    Amethyst Orgonite Pyramids One piece & handmade with love 💫 Size: 60mm - Orgone is a type of energy that surrounds all of us. It is unseen and rarely has...

    Lustrous Chakra Gift Box


    This Lustrous Chakra Kit makes the ultimate gift for someone you love. Alternatively, it creates the perfect chance for you to spoil yourself!  - Free Express Shipping Included ✈️  Size:...

    Citrine Point Keychain


    1 x Citrine Point Keychain  High Quality Citrine Point  Intuitively Picked For You ✨

    Amethyst Keychain


    1 x Amethyst Point Keychain  High Quality Amethyst Point  Intuitively Picked For You ✨

    Clear Quartz Point Keychain


    1 x Clear Quartz Point Keychain  High Grade Clear Quartz ✔️ Intuitively Picked For You ✨ Clear Quartz is know as the master healer and a staple to have around...

    Charoite Moon 💜


    High Quality Charoite Moon 🌙  One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✔️ Length: 6cm   These beauties are breathtaking shades of vibrant purple, hand carved and a must have for...

    Opalite Moon


    Opalite Moon Carving🌙  One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✔️ Length: Approx. 3cm  

    Raw Black Tourmaline


    Raw Black Tourmaline Protection & Grounding  One piece, Intuitively chosen for you ✔️ - A highly protecting healing stone is Black Tourmaline. It will provide you with an aura of...

    Himalayan Smudge Stick


    Himalayan Smudge Stick 💫 Our original Himalayan surge stick contains herbs gathered in Nepal and blended to promote purification and foster positive energies. High mountain juniper envokes dakinis, purifies and summons divine...

    Rose Quartz Bracelet


    Cute Rose Quartz Bracelet  Stone of Love 💗

    Snowflake Obsidian Chip Bracelet


    Snowflake Obsidian Chip Bracelet  One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨ - Snowflake Obisidan encourages us to bring issues to the surface in order to process them, understand them and...

    Amethyst Bracelet


    Amethyst Chip Bracelet  One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨

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