Crystals for Cleansing: The Best Stones to Use for Purification

Popular crystals used for cleansing.

  • Do you want to cleanse your energy and get rid of negative vibes? If so, crystals can be a great way to do this! In this blog post, we will discuss the best crystals for cleansing and how to use them. Each crystal has its own unique properties that can help clear away negative energy and restore balance. So if you're looking for a way to refresh and rejuvenate your spirit, using crystals for cleansing is definitely worth considering!


One of the most popular crystals for cleansing is Amethyst. Amethyst is a violet stone that is known for its ability to purify the energy around it. It can be used to cleanse the aura and chakras, and is also said to promote peace and calmness. If you're feeling stressed or anxious, placing an amethyst crystal in your environment may help to ease your mind

Amethyst Cleaning


Another great option for cleansing crystals is Selenite. Selenite is a white or transparent crystal that has powerful cleansing properties. It can be used to cleanse the aura, chakras, and even physical spaces like homes and offices. Selenite is also said to promote clarity and peace of mind, so if you feel like you need to clear your head, this is a great crystal to use.

Selenite Cleansing


Quartz is also one of the crystals that is frequently used for cleansing. It is known for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals, as well as its own healing properties. Quartz can be used to cleanse the aura, chakras, and physical spaces. It is also said to promote clarity and peace of mind.

Quartz Cleansing

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystals that is often used for protection. It is said to create an energetic barrier around the user, which can protect against negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also known for its ability to cleanse and purify the aura and chakras.

It is one of the most protective stones that you can use.

Black Tourmaline Cleansing


Sodalite is another crystals that is frequently used for cleansing and protection. It is said to help the user to connect with their higher self, and to promote inner peace. Sodalite is also known for its ability to cleanse the aura and chakras.

Sodalite Cleansing

Crystal Gridding

Crystal gridding is a common crystal practice that can be used for cleansing and protection. It is a way of arranging crystals in a specific pattern, in order to create a certain effect. Grids can be used for many purposes, including cleansing and protecting the home, or creating a space of calm and relaxation.

Feng Shui

It all comes from Feng Shui, a system of beliefs that everything in the universe is connected. So crystals are often used to cleanse and protect the home because it's believed that they can help to balance the energies in a space.

They have been long used in a variety of cultures for their purported healing properties. Cleansing with crystals is a great way to purify your energy and create a sense of peace and calm in your life. 


Another popular option people commonly use is sage, which is burned. The smoke from the sage is believed to cleanse and purify energy. Crystals can also be used in this way, by placing them on an altar or in a room that you would like to cleanse.--Saging is a great way to cleanse your energy field, but it’s important to do it mindfully. Make sure you open all the doors and windows in the room you’re cleansing so that the negative energy.

In Summary 

Thats the most commonly used crystals for cleansing but there are other crystals that can be used as well. Try using crystals like amethyst, turquoise, or lapis lazuli. Place these crystals around your home or office to help cleanse the energy and promote positive vibes.

Do you have any favorite crystals for cleansing? Share them in the comments below!

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