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    Raw Rose Quartz 4pcs - Healing Crystals


    Rose Quartz is the stone of love and is commonly used in the practise of self love in natural healing crystals. 4 x Pieces of Raw Rose Quartz Size: Width:...

    Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks (4pcs)


    4pcs of Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks  Ethically Sourced: Harvested from already fallen Palo Santo Tree’s, new trees are planted in place. - Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows...

    Rose Quartz Bracelet


    Cute Rose Quartz Bracelet  Stone of Love 💗

    Amethyst Seer Stone


    High Quality Amethyst Seer Stone  From: Brazil  Ethically Sourced ✔️ One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨

    Selenite Tower


    Stunning Small White Selenite Tower One tower, Intuitively Picked For You  Origin: Morocco | Length: 10cm Chakras: Third eye, Crown 

    Clear Quartz Seer Stone


    High Quality Clear Quartz Seer Stone  From: Brazil  Ethically Sourced ✔️ One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨

    Aura Rose Quartz Tumble


    High Quality Aura Rose Quartz Tumble This listing is for one, intuitively chosen for you. We like to consider these ‘supercharged’ rose quartz tumbles and we absolutely can’t get enough...

    Clear Quartz Point


    Clear Quartz Point  One piece intuitively chosen for you 💫 Size: Approx. 8-9cm Known as the Master Healer. Clear Quartz is a MUST in any collection. These beautiful points will...

    Small Dream Amethyst Points


    Dream Amethyst Points  One piece, intuitively chosen for you. Beautiful addition to your home 💜

    AnxietyCalm™ Crystal Kit


    What is AnxietyCalm? AnxietyCalm™ is our favourite selection of crystals to reduce stress and aid in the management of anxiety. Each crystal has their own unique healing energies that create a magical...

    Smoky Quartz Seer Stone


    High Quality Smoky Quartz Seer Stone  From: Brazil  Ethically Sourced ✔️ One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨

    Raw Black Tourmaline


    Raw Black Tourmaline Protection & Grounding  One piece, Intuitively chosen for you ✔️ - A highly protecting healing stone is Black Tourmaline. It will provide you with an aura of...

    Raw Rose Quartz - Bulk Box


    Bulk Buy Raw Rose Quartz Box 💫 Straight from Brazil & Guaranteed Quality ✔️ Approx: 750-1000g ✔️ - We created these box with the intention to provide our customers with...

    Lustrous Druzy Clusters - Bulk Box


    Bulk Buy Lustrous Cluster Box 💫 A-Grade Amethyst, Clear Quartz & Citrine (Heat Treated) Clusters ✔️ Straight from Brazil and Guaranteed Quality ✔️ Approx: 700g+ ✔️ - We created these...

    Angel Aura Quartz Tumble


    Angel Aura Quartz Tumble One piece intuitively chosen for you 💫 Rainbows all throughout ✨ Provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies. Used in medication to facilitate...

    Female Body Flower Agate


        Female Body Figure Carving 🦋 Made from Rough Flower Agate ✔️ Size: 5-6cm Tall, Approx. 50g (Please Note the Small Size) Found in Madagascar, Flower Agate has many amazing...

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