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Opalite Tumble

from $2.95

Opalite Tumble Stone One Piece, Intuitively chosen for you. Size: Small, Regular or Large (as picture)  - Opalite has a subtle, yet dynamic energy ideal for all types of healing....

Amazonite Tumble

from $3.95

Beautiful Amazonite Tumble  One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨ Regular or Small (as picture) - Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, Amazonite empowers one to...

Baked Citrine Tumble


Citrine Tumble (Heat Treated) One Piece, Intuitively Choosen For You 💫

Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks

from $11.11

4 or 10pcs of Palo Santo Cleansing Sticks  Ethically Sourced: Harvested from already fallen Palo Santo Tree’s, new trees are planted in place. - Palo Santo is a mystical tree...

Rainbow Moonstone Tumble

from $2.95

Rainbow Moonstone Tumble One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨ Size: Regular or Small (as picture) - Rainbow Moonstone’s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to...

Picasso Jasper Tumble


Picasso Jasper Tumble High Quality & Ethically Sourced 🤎 Once piece intuitively chosen for you.

White Howlite Point


Stunning White Howlite Point  One piece, intuitively chosen for you. Approx. 8-10cm  - Howlite comes with a whole host of healing benefits that soothes the body, mind, and spirit. Above...

Strawberry Quartz Tumble

from $0.70

Strawberry Quartz Tumbles One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨ Strawberry Quartz stimulates the heart center by filling the person with feelings of love.  Connect to the center of the...

Clear Quartz Seer Stone


High Quality Clear Quartz Seer Stone  From: Brazil  Ethically Sourced ✔️ One piece, intuitively chosen for you ✨

Clear Quartz Point


Clear Quartz Point  One piece intuitively chosen for you 💫 Size: Approx. 8-9cm Known as the Master Healer. Clear Quartz is a MUST in any collection. These beautiful points will...

Pink Opal Point

from $15.00

Pink Opal Crystal Points ✔️ One piece, intuitively chosen for you 💫 Approx: 8-9cm Pink Opal is a very powerful crystal when it comes in contact with one’s heart. This...

Deep Cleanse Kit


Deep Cleanse Kit Featuring: Organic Sage, Palo Santo & a Selenite Wand  - Set the Palo Santo and Sage alight, use this smoke to cleanse negative energy from home. Invite...

Mini Dream Amethyst Tumble x4


Mini Dream Amethyst Tumbles  4 Piece Set  Size: Approx 2-3cm

Citrine Point Keychain


1 x Citrine Point Keychain  High Quality Citrine Point  Intuitively Picked For You ✨

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